Youth Resilience in the Digital Age

Designing safe, equitable, accessible online environments for children and youth across Canada.

Our goal is to establish a cohesive and strategic national approach to supporting online child and youth safety, by equipping children and youth with the digital skills & competencies necessary for effectively assessing and responding to risks encountered online.

Co-chaired by 

The Canadian Teachers’ Federation

The CTF/FCE is the national, bilingual federation of teacher organizations leading a vision for quality publicly funded public education.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada

As Canada’s largest child- and youth-serving charitable organization, Boys and Girls Clubs provide vital programs and services to over 200,000 young people in 775 communities across Canada.

Resource Summaries


Engage. Empower. Connect. (E2C) is a cybersecurity curriculum development guide that provides big ideas and associated concepts for digital literacy and digital well-being. The Framework provides connections to K-12 Computer Science learning, ensuring critical technology skills and knowledge areas are tied to cyber safety and digital wellness.

Canadian Centre for Child Protection

Among other tools, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection provides online safety lessons, websites, comics, videos, guides, booklets, and presentations. These resources are designed to heighten understandings of online risks and outline proactive strategies to manage situations regarding content, contact, and conduct including exploitation, sexual content, and cyberbullying.

Connected North (TakingITGlobal)

The Well-Being Framework is a learning resource and planning guide that outlines harmful and helpful approaches to well-being, including digital. The Framework provides educators with an ever-expanding literature review and a variety of visual stories shared by artist Alexander Angnaluak, that invites us to reflect on personal and intergenerational journeys toward individual and community wellbeing.


The Rivers to Success (R2S): Indigenous Student Mentorship program includes a component outlining how to actively engage youth and enhance comfort, connection, and safety inonline environments. The component empowers youth in online spaces by increasing their knowledge and confidence to self-advocate for their needs and create safe boundaries.

Jays Care Foundation

Trauma-Informed Virtual Programs is an online safety guide outlining best practices and easy to use activities. It is designed to equip youth workers, coaches, program directors, after-school programmers, and educators working with children and youth aged 4-14 with the tools to run virtual programs that promote safety, meaningful connections, and digital wellness.

Kids Boost Immunity

The Kids Boost Immunity website provides unique digital education with over 80 lessons and quizzes that align with Science, Social Studies, and Humanities curricula to engage students in grades 4-12. The interactive lessons empower students with a sense of agency to encourage them to learn in meaningful ways about topics such as critical thinking and evaluating online information.


The Break the Fake resource provides youth and adults with easy, quick, and reliable online verification techniques that require little technical knowledge. The resource outlines the habits and skills to debunk misinformation, verify reliable sources, and develop good online citizenship practices by teaching verification techniques, trust in good information, and replacing cynicism with critical thinking.


The Online Orientation for Mentors training program provides formal and informal mentors with evidence-informed knowledge to understand the role, impact, and benefits of mentoring online and in-person. It is designed to ensure that potential mentors gain knowledge of trauma-informed research, healthy brain development, positive youth development, child safety provincial legislation, and duty to report.

Respect Group

The Respect Group resources provide developmentally appropriate information for youth to recognize, address, and prevent harmful behaviours online. They are designed to help youth identify harmful online behaviours connected to sexual abuse, cyberbullying, and/or youth mental health issues, and to understand the importance of critical thinking and the impact of digital footprints.

Variety Ontario

The Variety Ontario resources provide in-person and virtual physical activity programs, adapted and inclusive workshops, and outreach for schools and youth serving community organizations. The resources are designed to support the development of inclusive participation, awareness, inclusion and access, and inclusive sport/recreation including in online spaces.

  • Variety Ontario [English]
  • Children in Motion (link coming soon)
  • Training – Introduction to Inclusion (link coming soon)
  • Ability in Action (link coming soon)

Kids Help Phone

Among other tools Kids Help Phone provides, Resources Around Me allows young people to search for resources in their community, including counselling and mental health supportsexual health supporthousing supportIndigenous support serviceslegal support and more. 

Dr. Michelle Schira Hagerman, University of Ottawa

In this keynote talk, Dr. Michelle Schira Hagerman argues that systems of schooling need to replace simple and authoritative “just say no” approaches to educating young people about online safety with a more complex and intentionally designed constellation of activities that will empower children and teens to feel more connected, critical, and compassionate as participants in digital cultures. 

Bianca West, Achievers

In this keynote, Bianca West argues that to create opportunities for marginalized youth to pursue STEM related fields, inclusion mechanisms must be reframed to provide safe spaces for them to ask questions and pursue meaningful roles as innovators, creators, and leaders. She details how emotional well-being, representation, and mentorship can disrupt inequitable opportunities, generate safe and innovative evolution, and enhance diversity.  

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